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Curriculum Vitae

I do not separate articles from exhibitions from lectures from performances or workshops.
To me, all of these practices are part of the same creative body, and must be treated with the same value and respect. The pages (that you at this moment are visiting) are part of my art and life practice and can as much as the PDF´s below be representing my way of working.
  Global Artist Stays at Home
  How to Create a Modern Dance Group
My Tie My Penis: Cravatte
  - Unheimlich Saga: the Unheimlich Saga
  - Climb Trees: Dress up and Climb Trees
- Pelargonium: Mobil - Trädgård/Garden
TEXT - Why we can not stay indoors published in Urban Concerns, sept 2008
  - Mycket snack, lite(n) verkstad.Temat är tema, temat är konst. ,
- Tema igen
- All Talk, No Action
- THEMES, AGAIN. (Part two of “All Talk, No Action”
published on
  - Det universella Konst-Galleriet
- All publik är tv-publik

- Why we can not stay indoors,
published in Paletten nr 4-1, 2005-2006
published in Paletten nr 2-3, 2005
short text with thoughts on art and educationt (2007)
Mp3 Runda Saker (1,60 MB, music by Pontus Gunve)  
I am a scientist looking for the cure against despair.
Fredric Gunve is not an artist. He is more than that. He is a conglomerate of different times, different philosophies and art histories. He is a multi global universal, and at the same time an extremely local artist. He has an endemic passion for all kinds of flowers and sometimes he carries these with him to balance the fear for the uncanny nature that threatens our urban spaces. He also has a devotion to cosmology, which demonstrates itself in his performances and installation pieces. He uses his fascination of space by integrating apocalyptic narrations and alternative life forms, which incorporate elements of mythology and a fear, and fascination for the unknown, into his work. Fredric Gunve is a neo futurist.
(text by Sinziana Ravini)
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