Linda Tedsdotter
Linda Tedsdotter

Curriculum Vitae: English (pdf-document)

Video installation: Tornet , One Way , Pyramid , Inside Outside , Kuben
Missing steps , Periscop ,Therapy

VIDEO: Kuben , One Way , Pyramid
Linda Tedsdotter often begins her creative process with a concept such as absence or presence, and a shape, like the cube and the pyramid. After that, she gives them titles, such as Inside Outside, Periscope or Tower.
She handles, her often monumental sculptures, with an impressive effortlessness when it comes to chose material, technology or ideas.
The visitors at a show by Tedsdotter, are always being drawn into strange and new things. For example, have there always been a nine meter high tower in the entrance to the art museum in Gothenburg, even if there never were one before or after the exhibition, or like a few years ago, apparently there had always been a huge pyramid that filled the main room in the same art museum.
Her art enhance the perception of the audience, like the sudden absence of sounds made by people walking the stairs in the art piece Missing Steps.
Linda’s art is intelligent, clever and will always give you a feeling of insecurity.

- Did that tower stand there before we came in or not?
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