Gisela Schink
Gisela Schink

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Gisela is out on a mission to reclaim.
A mission; to reclaim her name, her body, her sexuality and her artistic techniques. She’s out on a mission to reclaim her right to be.
Fearless in her search she won’t hesitate to blur the boundaries between whats private and whats public. But she is also clever and emphatic enough to draw a line in her search. Or as one of her titles states:
Jag orkar inte knulla längre. Vill du ha en väska? - I´m tired of fucking. Would you like a bag?
This artistic and philosophical technique to take steps in different directions, evaluate them and sometimes change the direction is one thing that makes Gisela so unique. She dares to reclaim her right to try out her own pleasure in art. She dares to create art that is not calculated on smart career moves but instead comes from passion, from curiosity and with the intention to find a good way of living and doing art.
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