ON-LINE ACTIVITIES # 1 - the F U T U R E - released the 21 March 2007

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Metropolis JERSEY CITY Online Radio Station
Metropolis JERSEY CITY Online Radio Station
"reports about sonically elements from the other side of the hudson"
A radioshow by Pontus H W Gunve.

Dale Sko Hack,
by Otto von Busch

Transformer a music video by Hit and Run Studios

Vid mina sinnens
fulla bruk
By Gisela Schink. 1,57MB

Sweet lolly
"...it feels hot and sticky and cramped and boring and just searing hot!"
by Tiarma Sirait

An Interactive Fiction by Hampus Pettersson
Wildlife, a film by Sara Lännerström 20,2MB Para(dig)m shifts by Kiran Chandra
Learning Through Celebration, learn religion by celebrations. By Jeanette Thyrsson
My Tie My Penis the brand for the decorative man, by Fredric Gunve
The Releas Party at Galleri 54 in Göteborg 21 March 2007
Artist Presentations:
Diana De Aguinaga - Patrik Bengtsson - Anna Carlsson - Isak Eldh - Kajsa G Eriksson -
Sebastian Franzén - Fredric Gunve - Pontus H W Gunve - Helena Larsson -
Sara Lännerström
- Hampus Pettersson - Pascal Prosec - Gisela Schink -
Dana Sederowsky
- Tiarma Dame Ruth Sirait - Linda Tedsdotter -