Sara Lännerström
Sara Lännerström

Curriculum Vitae: English

Silverkläder , Tejp , Ljusbilder
Installations - Installationer:
Breakfast , Tiger
Constructions - Konstruktioner: Saltapinnar ,
Drawings - Teckningar: drawings/teckningar , Papper och Matta , Grass ,

Fillm: Nemas - Don´t give up

TEXT: (only in swedish) text
Let me entertain you!
Sara is a brave artist. She dares to challenge her own aesthetics actions and is always on the border of good and bad art. To experience a piece of art made by Sara is to never know what to expect. She uses everyday objects and situations in a way that bring magical things alive.
She builds constructions with salted bred sticks and she conjures up a tiger on the streets of Paris with a swing and
a window.

-I am an artist. I work in different ways. I write or draw for an hour every day. It is a flow that must come out. If I am given the opportunity, an exhibition, a stage, an audience, then I do what I feel is right. I often have the ambition to maximize the opportunity. Art is a concentrate. To give everything during a restricted time span. A very efficient form of communication for the one being present. And to believe in something, even when you don't know where it will take you.

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